Restaurant Girl News Makes Commenters Dish

Danyelle Freeman

The Daily News' new restaurant critic.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Yesterdays Eater news of the installation Danyelle Restaurant Girl Freeman as the Daily News new restaurant critic unleashed a torrent of snarky hostility on the sites message boards. Sadly, the comments were infinitely more entertaining than anything the victuals vixen is likely to write in the paper. A few choice selections are after the jump.

These are END TIMES for the written word, informed criticism and Western Civilization, and I am not at all exaggerating.

She is so hot it doesnt matter if she can write.

If by hot you mean looks like every woman at a Yonkers or Staten Island strip mall sort of way, then ok.

Harvard outght [sic] to sue this chick for telling anyone she went there.

First of all, anyone who relies on a 50-cent tabloid for their restaurant guidance doesnt know any better.

Exclusive: Daily News Installs Restaurant Girl as New Restaurant Critic [Eater]