Mercadito Establishes Fund for Deliverymen

After a tragic drunk-driving accident on Sunday that killed one produce deliveryman and injured two others, Mercadito has established a fund for the victims and their families and asked us to help spread the word.

On Sunday, August 26, at 7:20 a.m. Antonio Barranco Hernandez was killed, and Luis Romero and Augusto Bravo were seriously injured after a drunk driver slammed into the back of the van while the men delivered produce to Mercadito Grove restaurant, located at 100 Seventh Avenue South. Mercadito has set up a fund to accept donations on behalf of the victims and their families. We are asking for you to help to spread the word. Any mention of this fund in an upcoming story, column, blog, item, etc., would be greatly appreciated. Donations can now be sent to the following:The West Village Accident Fund
332 Bleecker Street
F 38
New York, NY 10014Please make checks payable to The West Village Accident Fund.Let us never forget that driving while intoxicated is a serious crime that often results in tragedy. The service that these men provided was instrumental to the success of Mercadito Grove. The entire Mercadito family would like to extend their prayers and condolences to the victims.

New York City DWI Crash Kills One, Injures Two [Newsday]