Massive New Pop Burger Popping Up in Midtown

When Forum, an upscale lounge serving (what else?) sliders, opened a couple of weeks ago in the old Pop space, we got to wondering what was new in the Pop Burger empire. Something rather exciting, it turns out.

The Chelsea location’s manager, Doug Rand, tells us that come September a new outpost — three times the size of the current location — will take over all three stories of a building at 14 East 58th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues, with the first floor dedicated to counter service; the second floor serving as a lounge decked out with speakers, projectors, a bar, a D.J. booth, and raw-oak paneling; and the third floor acting as a private party space with pool table. “The front of the building will be a landmark,” Rand promises. “It’s going to be awesome.” Even more awesome for midtowners: There will be a massive to-go and delivery operation, complete with online ordering. Now that is poppin’.