Immigrant Pickers Scant for Apple Season; Whole Foods–Wild Oats Deal Delayed

Apples, apples everywhere, but not an immigrant to pick them, New York growers fear. [NYT]

A federal appeals court has postponed the Whole Foods–Wild Oats merger "arguing that it would reduce competition and increase prices in the marketplace for natural and organic foods." And here, we thought "Project Goldmine" would benefit the customer. [NYT]

Let us weep for the carnies: Trans fats have been banned in Indiana. State fairgoers ate deep-fried Snickers and Oreos cooked in “healthier” oils. [NYT]

British travelers can be placed in five gastro categories, including the Market Kings who never eat out and the Authenticity Addicts who eat only what the locals do. [Observer Food Monthly]

Belvedere vodka was ruled a trademark infringement of Belvedere Winery prompting owner LVMH to rename its flashy liquor White Star. At least it’s still marketed to people who love “skiing!” [Down by the Hipster]

Rock-star status of pastry chefs continues apace: Jean Georges pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini launches his own fanWebsite. [Snack]