Grant Achatz’s Quest to Save His Sense of Taste; Gordon Ramsay Denies Fakery

Grant Achatz, the world-famous Chicago chef diagnosed with tongue cancer, is trying a new treatment that will save his sense of taste. [WSJ]

Gordon Ramsay claims that he would never dream of faking stuff for his TV show, as a recent lawsuit by Dillons claimed. Except for that fishing trip, of course. [Chow]

Confused by the intricacies of the current farm bill under consideration by congress? Or maybe you just want to see anthropomorphic apples chase anthropopmorphic twinkies? Either way, this film is for you. [SuperChef]

It’s no small thing to make a Senegalese paella — even if you’re Robert Sietsema. [Epicurious]

Testimony in the trial of a woman charged with smuggling monkey meat turns to conservation. [NYS]