Gastropub Trend Winds South, Touching Down in Orlando Soon

Two pigs

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury

Orlando is a swell place to travel (preferably in a cherry-red Corvette) if youre craving hash browns all-the-way at Waffle House, but what about Floridians who want a taste of the big city? Until recently, a restaurant called Babbo (unrelated) was one of their only options, but now its being renamed Nonna! (Too confusing?) Dont worry this fall comes The Ravenous Pig: An American Gastropub, opened by a student at New Yorks own Culinary Institute of America (or so the places MySpace page seems to indicate). Could this be the most egregious Spotted Pig knockoff since Chodorows ill-fated Spotted Dick? Either way, the Orlando Weekly hilariously assures: If gastropub sounds unappetizing, never fear. It just means upscale food served in a relaxed, pub-like setting. And with that, Orlandos culinary innocence is dead.

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