Franny’s Gets the All-Purpose Two Stars; Southern Hospitality Praised for Its BBQ

Franny’s is the recipient of one of Frank Bruni’s periodic low-end caprices, and gets awarded an absurd two stars as a result. [NYT]

Paul Lukas, a pretty serious student of barbecue, delivers the verdict on the new barbecues, and the surprise is that Southern Hospitality has some pretty damn good Memphis ribs. Hill Country, it goes without saying, gets lauded as the best BBQ in town. [NYS]
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“Rivulets of delicious grease are a common theme” is the key note to Paul Adams’s review of Borough Food and Drink. Mmmm…grease…. [NYS]

Gemma gets absolutely destroyed by Randall Lane, a man not given to writing one-star (of six) reviews: “Gemma’s pastas were downright lousy.” [TONY]

Restaurant Girl weighs in on Centro Vinoteca in her second review and gives the place three of four stars based largely on the small plates. Oddly, she didn’t like the mortadella pâté, the one dish most frequently singled out for praise. [NYDN]

Ryan Sutton makes the just-opened BLT Market sound pretty good, and quite the scene: When he went, M. Night Shyamalan and Tara Reid were there. [Bloomberg]

The Underground Gourmet loves Olympic Pita, and Robert Sietsema gets onboard, even though he describes dry shawarma and unremarkable falafel. Which you would think would be a mark against a pita restaurant, but no — because the pita is so damned good. [VV]