Dave Pasternack Serves Fancy Food But Prefers Not to Eat It

Dave Pasternack

That tie looks pretty fancy to us.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Today over at Midtown Lunch, Dave Pasternack, the chef and co-creator of Mario Batalis highbrow fishery Esca, sits down for a quickie profile. Theres nothing particularly revelatory (that angle was more than covered in a lengthy New Yorker profile from 2005), but we just couldnt wrap our heads around one little thing:

Favorite Kind of Food: I mean, I like everything but my favorite is ethnic food. I find it more intriguing. Ive worked in fancy restaurants for 25 years, but my favorite foods are still Chinese, Thai, Indian pretty much everything.

Least Favorite Kind of Food: Fancy.

Wait Dave Pasternack doesnt like fancy food? We never had any doubts as to the guys talents, but to rise above his simple culinary inclinations, abandon kung pao, and successfully run a kitchen where the char and spotted bass hovers near 30 bucks is quite an accomplishment. We recognize your extraordinary efforts and salute you. Jessica Coen

PROFILE: Midtown Luncher (& Esca Chef) David Pasternack [Midtown Lunch]