‘Culinary Conductor’ and ‘Love Chef’ Woo Rocco Online

Rocco DiSpirito hides his fear under a convivial mask.
Rocco DiSpirito hides his fear under a convivial mask.haha

You probably don’t care that Rocco DiSpirito will be hosting a cooking show on Bertolli’s Website, but the people who are auditioning to be his co-host sure do! As you might guess, there are a few oddballs in the bunch: In one video, Jernard “The Love Chef” and Rocco’s self-described No. 1 fan promises to “spread love all over the kitchen,” only to bark out his cooking demo like a drill instructor. Then there’s Nicole Navarro, a retired Vegas showgirl “inspired by culinary” who, as if to make up for her use of “culinary” as a noun, ends her demo with a high leg kick.

Our favorite by far is smirking “culinary conductor” Pete Chelala who in a Daily Show–esque spoof called “Food Train” promises to help “discover the ingredients of the cultural salad that is America” (while wearing onion goggles). Take a look at him disco-dancing in a carpenter belt loaded with seasonings and spatulas, and you’ll know this is the best thing to happen to Rocco since Le Call and Ciara.

Co-host an Online Cooking Show With Rocco DiSpirito [Bertolli]
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