Ciprianis May Lose Fifth Avenue Lease; New York May Lose Iconic Sign

The Cipriani family may lose the lease on its Fifth Avenue property because of their criminal case. [NYP]

Just like the Moondance Diner, Jade Mountain’s iconic neon sign looks like it’s headed out of town. [Lost City]

Will Goldfarb better get to work on that glyph, because apparently his new restaurant won’t be called Room 4 Dessert for legal reasons. [Eater]
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Middle Eastern favorite Zaytoon’s is opening up a much-needed branch in Prospect Heights. [Eat for Victory/VV]

A list of hidden Brooklyn food treasures ranges from cult favorites like the arancini at Joe’s Suprette to a certain left-wing bookstore on Cortelyou Road. [NYP]
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Kids are so conditioned to love fast food, a study finds, that even a carrot tastes better to them if it comes in a McDonald’s wrapper. [NYDN]

Sure, the prices went haywire at Falai after his two-star review, but Frank Bruni hastens to add that few restaurants have shown similar signs of inflation. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]