It’s August, and the Eating’s Easy

Cafe Cortadito, just the thing for a boozy August night.Photo: Jeremy Liebman

Its August, cheap-eats time, when you should be gobbling down raw artichokes, Cuban sandwiches, tapas, and pasta. Its time to chill out, in other words. And thats the idea behind this weeks food coverage.

The Underground Gourmet reviews Caf Cortadito, a low-key Cuban eatery on Avenue B.

The Insatiable Gourmet makes the issues sole foray into tablecloth dining with a short take on Ben Pollingers high-end seafood work at Oceana.

This weeks openings: an Argentine steakhouse in East Harlem and a wine and tapas bar in Clinton Hill.

Local artichokes are so good right now that the best thing to do is to leave them alone, serving them uncooked in a salad. Which is what Jody Williams of Morandi does in this weeks In Season.

When Tom Colicchio isnt thinking of diabolical Quickfire Challenges on Top Chef, hes devising ways to keep the riffraff out of the bathrooms at Wichcraft.

Anyone who ever dreaded going into a nice restaurant and eating by himself should read this article by Jerri Ferrari-Adler, who did it every night for a week and found that it wasnt so horrible after all.

Finally, this weeks Short Lists hip you to some good places on a block formerly dominated by shoes stores and the latest Italian restaurants colonizing the West Village.

The Underground Gourmet: Something Barrio, Something Blue
The Insatiable Critic: Oceana
Openings: Caminito and Il Torchio
In Season: Local Artichokes
Innovation: May I Borrow the Code to the Mens Room, Please?
No, Just Me
Short List: Toe Hold
Short List: Little Italy West [NYM]