Whole Foods Is the New Pickup Scene; Ramsay Helps Ruin Another Restaurant

New Yorks cheesiest singles go to Whole Foods on the Bowery to pick up cage-free eggs and each other. [NYS]

Gordon Ramsays restaurant-rescue record takes another blow: Dillons is on the brink, and now the British restaurant helped by the truculent chef is going into liquidation. [Evening Telegraph]

Next seasons Top Chef will take place in Chicago. [Chicago Tribune]

Tavern on the Green is raising money to expand across America. [NYP]

Calorie labeling: Nobody has any idea how fattening things like salads and chai lattes really are. [NYT]

Ice-cream prices are on the rise, thanks to the ethanol crunch. [NYP]

Gothamist and A Hamburger Today are teaming up to sponsor a major hamburger party at Water Taxi Beach, and you can vote for which burgers will be present and accounted for. Our pick is the Motz Burger. [Gothamist]