Whole Foods CEO’s Online High Jinks Unmasked; Magnolia Bakery Reopening

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, has been going online anonymously on Yahoo Finance bulletin boards for seven years to blast rival Wild Oats and talk up Whole Foods stock. [NYT]
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Magnolia Bakery, closed for less than a day for having only one sink, has now been reopened after promising to install another one. [Eater]
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Anthony Bourdain is warming up to The Next Food Network Star. As a matter of fact, you could say that he’s become a devoted fan: “Whether it’s the butterfly mobiles dangling from my ceiling, the onset of early dementia, or long delayed side effects of past drug use drawing me to the tube Sunday nights, I’ll be watching.” [Ruhlman]

Anita Lo is planning to open an Asian BBQ restaurant at 308-310 Bleecker Street, in the space that used to be Vittorio Cucina. [Eater]

After 120 years, Lombardi’s finally adds calzones to the menu. [Houston Chronicle]

Neither rats nor germs can slow the growth of Yum Brands, the seemingly invulnerable parent company of Taco Bell. [Forbes]

The counterfeit-wine trade continues, even rearing its evil head in a temple like Cru. [City Magazine]