Better Bathrooms: Bette or Butter?

Bette's "Purist Hatbox" toilet: You break it, you buy it.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

Consonant rhyme isn’t the only thing Bette and Butter have in common: They’re both owned by impresarios known to cater to the Olsen twins (Amy Sacco and Richie Akiva, respectively); they both have organic, clubby interiors with big murals; and let’s face it, they’re both frequented by the sort of night creatures who know the value of a nice, private bathroom. So just how are those powder rooms?

No peacocks were harmed in the making of the wall on the right.
No peacocks were harmed in the making of the wall on the right.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer
Rating: 3 stars

Concept: Two rooms lined with multicolored tiles resembling TV static.
Privacy: There’s no way around staring at yourself on the pot in the wall-to-ceiling mirror behind the door.
Amenities: The first Purist Hatbox toilet by Kohler. The thunder-gray contraption, which debuted during Fashion Week 2005, retails for almost $5,000 and features a butt rest that’s twelve inches in diameter (you know, for Iman’s fat ass).
Drawbacks: It’s easy to miss the plaque that tells you where the press-button flusher is.
Strategy: Don’t even think about cutting Jeremy Piven if he’s ahead of you in line.

Rating: 1 stars


Concept: Several rooms with frosted-glass doors, each with its own design scheme.

Privacy: Fine if you get a private WC, but none in the small wood-walled cabin where two toilets are side by side.

Amenities: Bath & Body Works hand soap (with green-tea extract and shea butter!) keeps the skin moisturized after you’ve ingested dehydrating substances.

Drawbacks: A bathroom attendant in the hallway.

Strategy: If you need to go in with a friend, lose the attendant by telling him that Lindsay just ran over another paparazzo outside.


Better Bathrooms: Bette or Butter?