Ramsay Busted for More TV Fakery; Yes, the Google Cafeteria Is Awesome

Gordon Ramsay has been busted for new TV fakery — in this case pretending that three fish caught by someone else had been taken by him while spearfishing. [London Times]

The Google employee cafeteria is apparently even better than rumored, with a raw bar, seviche station, 50 different small farm suppliers, and even a Chef’s Wall of Fame. [Food & Wine]

Want to impress your posse by paying $90 for a bottle of water? Bling H20 is conspicuous consumption in a bottle. [NYDN]
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The owner of Tio Pepe and its sister restaurants is turning his used grease into fuel, simultaneously saving money and striking a blow against “the Middle East’s hold on oil.” [NYP]

Former soap star and current Food Network chef Ingrid Hoffman could be mistaken for “Rachael Ray’s Colombian twin.” [NYDN]

Op-ed: There’s almost no way to keep dirty seafood out of America, if only because the FDA doesn’t have enough money to do its job. Until it does, we’ll see more Indonesian crabmeat with rodent hairs in it. [NYT]