Performer Julie Atlas Muz Eats Chocolate Chips at 5 A.M.

"I had the spaghetti puttanesca, which means 'spaghetti of the whore.'"Photo: Melissa Hom

If youve seen Julie Atlas Muzs genre-bucking burlesque acts (a couple of which shes performing throughout the summer at Absinthe), you know she has a thing for food. The blonde dynamo has subjected sausages and ice-cream cones to unspeakable acts. Its much better if you use ghetto ice cream, she says of incorporating the latter. I prefer old-school frozen popsicles that are stuck to the back of the freezer at the bodegas. But what does she actually eat? Nothing at all till 4 p.m., it turns out.

Thursday, July 19
I had yogurt with raisins inside I like cold raisins because theyre chewy and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. I dont usually eat till 4 p.m. I like when Im hungry onstage. Im like a wild animal. People are like, You should eat a little all the time. I disagree. Thats if you have a cow body and eat like a cow. Im a night predator I fast a lot, and I dont eat till Im starving.

Wednesday, July 18
Usually at 5 a.m., Ill wake up two or three hours after going to sleep and have a handful of chocolate chips. This morning I was like, Did I shit the bed? because there were a couple of melted chocolate chips on the sheet.

I went to La Casalinga and had the spaghetti puttanesca, which means spaghetti of the whore. After all, Im a burlesque performer and a nightlife whore. I like Casalinga it sounds like cunnilingus, which I really like. All of the food is home cooked. Its fancy restaurant food at an affordable hole-in-the-wall. The kitchen closes at 11:30 p.m., which for a nightlife person is a very good thing.

Tuesday, July 17
I had chicken and watermelon. This summer Ive been eating a lot of watermelon and a lot of chicken. [Joking] I want to be more black. I love watermelon juice its the best thing for you. I also had a fair amount of wine. My husband was asleep, and I kept on drinking by myself.

Monday, July 16
I threw a party on the hottest day of the year, and I dont have A/C. I gave everyone popsicles to cool off. I made a coleslaw. I also like to make homemade ginger ale by boiling a bunch of ginger and then adding a jasmine flower and some honey. I keep it on ice in the refrigerator. I get bored with water I drink Emergen-C a lot, since its like drinking water but its not boring old water.

My husband also made gazpacho. I like it when its a little bit chunky and its a pure of tomatoes and cucumbers. Salad through a straw, mmm.

Sunday, July 15
It was a two-show day, so they brought us guacamole and finger foods in between the shows.

I had seviche and a mini-paella with my mom Sunday night. We ate at this little Latin fusion place at South Street Seaport. Im fond of seafood. I work as a mermaid, so 20 percent of my meals are seafood. I dont like meat it makes me really, really, really high. I get a meat hangover. It really puts me to sleep.

Saturday, July 14
My mom visited. She brought scones, so I had a blueberry scone. I didnt eat till after the show, and I had raisins and nuts and a Bartlett pear and watermelon. Im a watermelon fanatic. I try to eat it every day.