NYC’s Top-Rated Cupcake; Zeta-Jones Doesn’t Care About Cooking

Sugar Sweet Sunshine comes out on top of Zagats new survey of the citys top cupcakes. [NYP]

No Reservations had a $10,000-a-week food budget and in Catherine Zeta-Jones a star with zero interest in cooking: I mean, if I was playing a brain surgeon, could I actually do brain surgery? [EW]

There are now the same number of Dallas cooks as New Yorkers on Top Chef. [Dallas Morning News]
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Gordon Ramsay wont watch his own shows because he hates the way he looks and is driven to thoughts of plastic surgery. [Carefair]

A Texas company claims to hold patents on the restaurant-booking systems being used by Zagat, OpenTable, and others. [Savory Tidbits]

Come gaze at the mutatoes, freak vegetables on display for your amusement! [Serious Eats]

Some guy from Pittsburgh made a pilgrimage to Katzs but didnt order pastrami. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]