Noise Police Harden Their Hearts for Mr. Softee; Trans-Fat-Free Fryer Oil Arrives

Mr. Softee vendor busted for noise pollution: “I am aware of the law, but I need to play [the jingle].” [NYT]

DiFara’s Dom De Marco bows to the Health Department, but he ain’t happy about it. [TONY]

Steakhouse offers a “cut specifically for women,” but Nina Lalli ain’t having it. [VV]

Drew Nieporent tells Baird Jones, with pickle breath, that he’s lost 50 pounds in 100 days. [NYDN]

In other gherkin news, Guss’ accuses Whole Foods of supporting an imitation pickle. [NYDN]

Burger King begins rollout of trans-fat-free fryer oil. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Ed Levine proposes a quiet section for noisy restaurants. Also, how about adult diaper changing stations? [Serious Eats]