Men Still Rule the Roost in Kitchens; April Bloomfield a Rai Rai Ken Fan

Its still a mans world in the kitchen, as Annisas Anita Lo or Ratatouilles Collette can tell you. [NYDN]

Count April Bloomfield in the Rai Rai Ken camp when it comes to the ramen wars. [Restaurant Girl]

Hill Country pitmaster and noted barbejew Robbie Richter has borderline cholesterol, a meat bond with Zak Pelaccio, and little interest in side dishes. [Metromix]
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Deans Pizza, the new operation from the Angelis family (Nicks, Adriennes Pizza Bar) gets Slice NYs approval, but just barely: The only thing missing from semiserious pizza is the presence of a passionate pizzaiolo owner, someone who lives and dies with every pie. [Slice NY]

The Edward Scissorhands of ham demonstrated his prized pork-slicing skills at the Fancy Food Show this past week but didnt come close to matching his world-record ham slice (36 feet). [NYDN]

Rare, not especially popular dragon fruit has shown up in Chinatown fruit stands. [Gothamist]

Wendys is the first major chain to follow Burger Kings lead in giving preferential purchasing to more ethically raised meat. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Theres a reason why bao dough so often tastes like cardboard. [CNN]