Jock Bait Coming to Heart of Lower Eastpacking District

Rumors that Libation was going to become an outpost of 40/40 Club havent come to fruition, but now Natasha Navidad, a former manager-barkeep from Bulls Head Tavern and the Black Bear Lodge is bringing 72 high-definition TVs to the space that was formerly Tenement an ESPNcroachment the likes of which havent been seen since Bounce Deuce put its plasmas all up in the East Villages face. The sports bar will be called the Blue Seats, after the seats in Madison Square Garden, but the food should be a step up from concession-stand grub: raw oysters and Philly-cheesesteak sliders for dinner (with a twilight menu served till 4 a.m.) and French toast for brunch. Have there been liquor-license delays? Yes, of course, but the place expects to open, serving blueberry mojitos, on July 30.

The Blue Seats menu

The Blue Seats, 157 Ludlow St., nr. Stanton St.; 212-614-1494.