Jersey Still Bucking NYC in the Mechanical-Bull Department

The most heavily clothed woman to ever ride Buck-Off.
The most heavily clothed woman to ever ride Buck-Off.haha

Manhattan’s first two mechanical bulls (one expected at Johnny Utah’s, coming to the Rockefeller Center Hotel; the other rumored to be coming to a bar called Evan Ford in the Lower Eastpacking District) still haven’t sprung from the gate, so where is one to celebrate the Running of the Bulls festival now under way in San Fermin? New Jersey, naturally.

Deep in the heart of Wachtung, where 4x4’s and cowboy hats are standard issue, is the Colorado Café, a line-dancing hall, live music venue, and barbecue joint that gets crowds worthy of Nashville’s White Horse Saloon. It’s the home of every hard-partier’s holy grail: a mechanical bull named Buck-Off who, as N.J. Guido–worthy photos on the Website testify, prefers to be ridden by bikini babes and pec-flexing beefcakes. We visited Buck-Off recently, and the last thing we remember before waking up with a bad Jell-O-shot hangover and an inner-thigh bruise that didn’t go away for a month was a cover band playing “Living on a Prayer.” You ain’t gonna get that in San Fermin, and you probably won’t get it at Johnny Utah’s either.

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