It's Hard Out There for a Fast-Food Megachain

Where will Prada shoppers eat now? Photo: Daniel Maurer

Our buddy Morgan Spurlock certainly won’t be shedding a tear over the fact that, after twenty years, the McDonald’s on 57th Street near Sixth Avenue has lost its lease, but as Filet-O-Fish fans, we’re compelled to point out that if the country’s biggest food corporation can’t hold on to a perch in these parts, it’s no wonder it has taken Sang Yoon, owner of the Über-cool L.A. beer-and-burger mini-chain Father’s Office, so long to find a spot for a NYC outpost. When we checked in yesterday, Yoon was still looking in mid- or downtown Manhattan, but after he sees this photo, we’re thinking he might just want to follow Fatburger’s lead and turn to Jersey City.