Hawaiian Tropic Is Just Misunderstood, Owner Says

Does this look like a woman in an "upscale Hooters"? Wait, don't answer that.Photo: Melissa Hom

This weeks New Yorker offers a touching portrait of a restaurant mogul in pain in this case, food-court mogul Dennis Riese, the owner of Hawaiian Tropic Zone. Riese knows that people consider the Zone little better than an upscale Hooters, or worse, a strip club. But nothing could be further from the truth, he says: For one thing, there are no nipples. You cant very well have a strip club without nipples, can you? Of course, even nipples wouldnt necessarily make the Zone woman-unfriendly. Women like sexy. Talk about empowerment and feminism! Theres nowhere offering women sexy in the way they would like it to be classy sexy! The short piece is probably a ten on what ESPNs Bill Simmons likes to call the Unintentional Comedy Scale, but we feel a twinge of sympathy for the Zone, having actually been forced to eat at the regular Hooters, which, talent aside, has pretty awful food.

In The Zone [NYer]

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