Harlem Gets Tapas and Cigars; Floating Pool Is Waterlogged

Astoria: The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden opened at 3 p.m. today. Get yourself over there. [Joey in Astoria]
Brooklyn Heights: Floating pool is temporarily closed because of rain issues. Water is a bitch. [Gothamist]
Harlem: Floridita opens up a tapas outpost, essentially taking over the block. [Greasy Guide]. A BYO stogie bar sets up shop while Harlem Vintage’s opening gets pushed back till September. [Uptown Flavor]
Lower East Side: Black cherries now being squeezed at East Side Company Bar. [Down By the Hipster]
West Village: Chumley’s will not go gentle into that good night — it’s poised to reopen by October. [amNY]. Meanwhile darkness may have come for Day-O. [Eater]