Falai’s Left-Field Trio of Foie Gras Treats

Iacopo Falai impressed a lot of experienced eaters when he opened Falai, his small, eponymous restaurant on the Lower East Side, catching them off-guard with his very modern take on Italian food. This foie gras appetizer, rare enough on Italian menus, comes from out of left field. There are more contrasting flavors and textures in this dish than any foie gras dish on the planet, Falai boasts. Start with the croquette and go clockwise. Its warm and should be eaten right away. The chocolate Id like to be last, because it gives a strong, savory end to the dish. Theres so much interaction here for the customer to discover. As always, mouse over the different elements to read them described in Falais own words.

Photo: Melissa Hom