Boulud Settles Discrimination Suit; Ramsay Has His Day in Court

Daniel Boulud gives in and settles his discrimination suit, agreeing to pay off the plaintiffs, give his busboys and runners a raise, make his managers take sensitivity training, and set up standards and procedures for promotion. [NYT]
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A court hearing later today will rule whether Gordon Ramsay faked scenes during his infamous “rescue” of Dillons restaurant. [Fox News]

Blue Hill’s Dan Barber loves Lupa, Noodletown, and the “secret gem” greenmarket on West 97th Street. [Gothamist]

Chickie Pig’s, the pork-happy pizzeria on the Lower East Side, turns out to be housed in what was formerly a Jewish house of burial. [Gawker]

Self-appointed pizza expert DJ Bubbles announces his top "grandma" slice in New York: Vince’s on First Avenue. [Slice NY]

Hotel bars are looking to upgrade their food and beverage programs, leaving behind the days of Jack and Cokes and microwaved chicken wings. [NYT]

There’s a secret Brooklyn beef jerky made by a couple in Red Hook, but you can only get it at certain bars — whose names aren’t given here. [Eat for Victory/VV]