City’s Favorite Pleasure Craft Won’t Reopen Until Next Year

A “Frying Pan Update” posted by Hudson River Park at the booze boat’s new home, Pier 66a, might be giving Pan fans hope that it will reopen this summer, since it informs readers that owner Steve Krevy has finally managed to sign a lease with the Hudson River Park Trust, despite earlier kinks. “We are hopeful that the barge and café will be available shortly,” reads the posting, “as soon as the necessary City approvals are received.” (The Department of Buildings has yet to grant a public assembly permit.) Unfortunately, “shortly” doesn’t mean anytime this summer: Krevy’s wife, Angela, says that although they’ve secured a liquor license, they don’t plan to reopen until next May. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a floating nightclub of similar caliber, you’ll have to go to the Batofar — in Paris.

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