Bungalow Renovates While Neighbors Go to Pieces

BED and Spirit have seen happier days. Photo: Daniel Maurer

What you see here is a construction Dumpster containing the disco detritus (everything from LPs to bar stools to the happy-happy drink tickets pictured) from defunct clubs Spirit and BED — a metaphor for the death of West 27th Street if ever there was one. Also spotted on the block yesterday, a posting on Bungalow’s door: “Bungalow 8 will be closed Saturday, July 7th until Tuesday, July 10th for renovations.”

Amy Sacco’s rep, after confabbing with the Queen, assures us this has nothing to do with rumors that Bungalow is finally packing its baggies:

As usual, Bungalow is undergoing its yearly touching-up, done in the summer while people are out-of-town. No major redesign, but humdrum stuff like paint and fabric touch-up — freshen up the palm trees and some new furniture pieces from Bo Concept. The floors are getting redone, hence the closing. It will be open by Wednesday.

In the meantime, direct your driver to Armin Amiri’s new spot, Socialista.