B.R. Guest to Hop the Barbecue Gravy Train?

Now that barbecue has utterly conquered New York, the coast is clear for even the most conservative of restaurant companies to move in and fire up their pits. Even B.R. Guest, the massive company behind such ultrasafe properties as Dos Caminos, Vento, and Ruby Foo’s has one in the works, we hear from one of our best restaurant-industry sources, a businessman with ties to the group.

When contacted, B.R. Guest did admit that the idea had been discussed but would not confirm a plan. We would be remiss in not passing along one other detail, though: Our source speculates that the planned meatery might find its way into the Park Avenue South space vacated by Barça 18, the failed venture between B.R. Guest and Eric Ripert. Can smoked meat succeed where the Ripper failed? We doubt it, at least if it’s done in the schlocky style of Dos Caminos or Ruby Foo’s. But B.R. Guest has shown, with Barça 18 and Fiamma, that they can do quality too, so we’ll reserve judgment in the meantime.

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