Admiring the Geishas in Megu’s Loo

Is there more than one lamp, or did we have too much sake?Photo: Daniel Maurer

Before Morimoto, before Buddakan, before Buddha Bar, before Megu Midtown, there was well Megu. Sure its star has faded (there was that sexual-harassment suit and such), but no one can argue that the $6 million interior isn't still fresh just like the toro tartare! Look at the mirrored diorama, outside the restroom, that reflects an Oriental lamp and a flower display into infinity: Way cooler than Morimotos mirror installation, right? But what about the rest of the restrooms?

Concept: Like a dark sibling of Morimotos loos, these are outfitted with mirror etchings of geishas, copper lanterns, and eerie recessed lighting.

Privacy: The separator between stalls is rather low, making it a little too easy to hand toilet paper over to a neighbor in need.

Amenities: Tall steel faucets shaped like bamboo shoots, a full-length mirror inside the toilet stall, and ceiling speakers that emit jungle noises (ka-kaaw!).

Drawbacks: During our visit to the mens room, one of the automatic urinals was out of service (WE ARE VERY SORRY), and there was a musty, seaweedlike odor that were pretty sure wasnt coming from the kitchen.

Strategy: If youre using the bathrooms for nefarious purposes, do it the old-fashioned way at Odeons four-star facilities around the corner.