Stars Sate Our Curiosity at the ‘No Reservations’ Premiere

One order of beefcake, coming up!Photo: Patrick McMullan

No Reservations, the new movie where Catherine Zeta-Jones plays (history's most gorgeous) chef, had a prescreening last night, and Justin Ravitz was there to take down the red-carpet thoughts of the principals and attendees. The movies stew of rom-com clichs, from the hard-talking but vulnerable lady boss to the brash young hunk who breaks down her defenses, was tired when the Automat opened, so our questions ranged far outside of the kitchen, and so did the answers (Abigail Breslin? Just too cute). Aaron Eckhart said that he doesnt know about the cool and popular new restaurants, citing Raouls as his favorite place to eat. Now theres a sentiment we have no reservations about.

See pictures and quotes from Catherine Zeta-Jones, Katie Lee Joel, Aaron Eckhart, Alto chef Michael White, and others from the No Reservations premiere in Party Lines [NYM]