Pearl’s Oyster Bar Sues Ed’s Lobster Bar; Ducasse Taking Over Brasserie LCB

The owner of Pearl Oyster Bar sues the owner of Ed’s Lobster Bar for intellectual-property theft, accusing her former sous-chef of having stolen everything from the paint job to the Caesar salad dressing. [NYT]

Alain Ducasse has taken over Brasserie LCB and is looking to convert it into a bistro along the lines of Benoit, his casual place in Paris. [NYT]

It might not be such a good idea to hire a Top Chef. [NYO]

Menus are often written so poorly that it’s impossible to know what you’re really getting. [NYP]

Thai mangosteens and mangoes have gotten the okay from the Department of Agriculture; they’ll join Indian mangoes and other formerly forbidden fruits on our shores sometime in September. [NYT]

Bento boxes are the way to go if you want takeout at restaurants on the order of Spice Market, Sapa, or Morimoto; the chefs put the most effort into them. [NYP]

Walter Backerman, the city’s last seltzer deliveryman (at least to our knowledge), is still showing up at people’s houses in Brooklyn with the old-fashioned spritzer bottles. [Chow]