Delis Are Dying, But Not Katz’s; Per Se Staff Is on the Clock

The classic New York deli is on the way out, thanks to aging owners, waistline-conscious eaters, and general apathy but, we learn, Katzs should stick around. An owner, as we predicted he might, goes on record saying, If we did sell, wed want to somehow tie in keeping the place they could literally build on top of us. [TONY]
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Per Ses notoriously high-pressure kitchen apparently works under the shadow of a clock with Paul Bocuses name on its center and the words Sense of Urgency underneath. [Gawker]

Coney Island has its own beer, and while weve never tasted a bottle, it has what may be the greatest label of all time. [NYDN]

The Waverly Inn may have started off as a haven for high-powered media types, but when Jennifer Leuzzi stopped in, Mariah Carey was having a party there. [Snack]

T.G.I. Fridays big experiment with smaller portions is paying off with higher profits. The trick was to not make them good for you: What makes Fridays smaller portions different is that they are not necessarily healthy (ribs with fries is one right size entree) and they are significantly cheaper than their full-size counterparts. [NYT]