Senator Schumer Stands Up for the Red Hook Ball Fields; Di Fara Set to Reopen

Senator Chuck Schumer visits the Red Hook ball fields and stands up for the vendors in front of rolling cameras: “Removing this for something that might make a little more money for the City of New York makes no sense. We don’t want McDonald’s here.” [NYDN]
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Di Fara will reopen by the end of the week. But it isn’t clear what owner Dom DeMarco will be doing to prevent another closure. [AMNY]

FreshDirect has a rival in tiny, Long Island City–based Bread-n-Brie. Unlike FreshDirect, with its vast inventory, Bread-n-Brie goes to good markets and gets things for you upon request. [NYT]

Per Se is so good that even the staff meals are world-class. [NYT]

Lucy Latin Kitchen in ABC Carpet & Home is being reopened in July as Lucy of Gramercy, with Miami-based, Nuevo Latino chef Carmen Gonzalez in charge. [The Strong Buzz]

Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate from The Howard Stern Show gyps a Hawaiian Tropic Zone waitress. [NYP]
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