Need a Meat-Smoking Sidecar? Call ‘American Chopper’!


The mind of Andrew Fischel, the brash young owner of RUB barbecue, never seems to rest. The last time we looked, he was opening up a giant spinoff in Vegas, and had retooled the New York branch with the loudest neon sign this side of Times Square. Now Fischel has engaged the guys at Orange County Chopper to create a customized “RUB Chopper” with a working smoker as its sidecar. “We’re creating the most kick-ass mobile barbecue vehicle ever made,” Fischel says. “It costs as much as a Bentley.”

The chopper, which will be the focus of an American Chopper episode to be aired next season, will make its public debut on August 8 at Sturgis Bike Week, the so-called “Biker Woodstock” held every summer in North Dakota. Lead singer Josey Scott of the heavy-metal band Saliva, the last person in the world you would imagine to be a bosom pal of the nerdy Fischel, will unveil the chopper to the world, and it will then make its way to Las Vegas for the opening of the new RUB. “We’re going to have motorcycles, barbecue, and rock and roll,” the reedy restaurateur tells us. “What else could you want?” We’d settle for the barbecue.

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