Ramsay’s London Bar to Modernize As Maze

Maybe it'll be exciting after one more glass …
Maybe it'll be exciting after one more glass …haha Photo: Jeff Mermelstein

Though visitors to London often find Gordon Ramsay’s namesake restaurant there to be as much of a snooze as the one here, they frequently rave about the edgy cooking done at Maze, Ramsay’s modernist outpost helmed by El Bulli alumni Jason Atherton in Grosvenor Square. Given that Ramsay’s London Bar here in New York is even less talked about than Gordon Ramsay at the London, it makes sense, then, that the the former will soon be rebranded as Maze, and fitted out with a much more modern menu. Or so a source with access to Ramsay inner circles tells us. Ramsay’s PR people deny that anything is in the works, and it’s not clear whether Atherton or Gordon Ramsay NYC executive chef Josh Emett will be running the kitchen, but expect to see more Maze-like dishes, which look far more exciting, at least from its Website menus. If that’s the kind of thing that’s coming to New York, a buzz spike will be as sure as it is deserved.