Unzipping Our Flies at FR.OG

The riser in the middle of the sinks is sometimes used by singing bullfrogs.Photo: Daniel Maurer
Philip Kirsh and Didier Virot probably fancied themselves the Mac to Balthazar’s PC when they opened up their new place FR.OG just a hop away from the grand ol’ dame. Still, they knew that a slick design scheme and cutesy punctuation wouldn’t cut it: Had they gone up against the ’Zar without proper hardware — meaning, the restrooms — they would’ve been up shit’s creek. But we can assure you the bathrooms won’t be the reason if this place croaks.

Concept: A chic restaurant in Morocco’s Palmerie district, with mirrors in the communal washing area infinitely reflecting tourists smashed on lemongrass-infused booze.

Privacy: Plenty of it in the WCs, though the wall of urinals is as crowded as a souk.

Amenities: A dimmer controls the Moroccan lanterns in the WCs; ceiling speakers play French house music (or is this a drawback?).

Drawbacks: The reflective automatic faucets are très chic, but they shut off the moment your hand moves away.

Strategy: If you want to wash up in private rather than at the communal console, hit up the handicap WC — if anyone catches you, make like Larry David and pretend to be a stutterer.