Park Slope Gets Its Own Pastry-Chef Spinoff

It's not the Union Square Cafe and that's the whole point.Photo: Stephanie Land

Now that star pastry chefs are spinning off their own restaurants (Sam Mason at Tailor, Pichet Ong at P*Ong), its high time that some of the less famous names have the chance to do the same on a smaller scale. Hence Emily Isaacs journey from being the pastry chef at Union Square Cafe to her new place behind the counter of her own bake shop in Park Slope. Trois Pommes Patisserie, which Rob and Robin include in this weeks Openings, has twelve seats and an open kitchen where Isaacs cooks up greenmarket-inspired fruit pies and ice cream, not to mention a wide selection of other pastries. The iced coffee is pretty good too.

Restaurant Openings: Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Lola, Le Barricou, and Trois Pommes Patisserie [NYM]