Öko Enters the Yogurt Wars Armed With Green Power

Others may be better, but none are greener.Photo: Melissa Hom

In the heat of the current gelato-and-frozen-yogurt wars, you might not think there was room for another major frozen-dessert concept. But while Grom, Pinkberry, Yolato, and the rest compete in Manhattan, ko, a greener-than-green business serving two flavors of Greek-style frozen yogurt in a store in which nearly everything is biodegradable, has tailored itself for Park Slope. The walls and counter are made of compressed sunflower seeds; the spoons and straws, from potato starch. Even the plates, though seemingly made of transparent plastic, are actually composed of processed corn. The toppings are also all-natural, mostly fruit blackberries, mango, kiwi pieces, and the like along with dry toppings like shaved coconut, sliced almonds, dark-chocolate chips, and dried Turkish apricots. This is just our first store, general manager Mateo Braghieri tells us. We want to open more. Because, you know, there arent enough high-powered frozen-yogurt chains around.

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