Leven Rambin Consoles Herself With Chocolate After the Daytime Emmys

"The pumpkin with icing scone is the best thing in the world."Photo: Melissa Hom

In addition to playing the autistic teenager Lily Montgomery on All My Children, Leven Rambin, the face of Caressa jewelry, has been a party fixture ever since she moved from her moms house in Connecticut to a place on the Upper West Side. When making the scene, she skips the hors doeurve. After working from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., says the 17-year-old, the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. So I try to eat light. That is, except for those addictions to peanut butter and protein bars and the occasional serotonin-boosting chocolate splurge.

Thursday, June 21
I ordered the three-tier breakfast plate at Alices Tea Cup. It comes with two scones the pumpkin with icing one is the best thing in the world. Theres scrambled eggs, fruit, yogurt, and granola. Then cupcakes a red-velvet one with cream-cheese frosting, a chocolate one, and a vanilla one with pink icing and sprinkles. And a Christmas tea it has raisins, almonds, berries, and ground cinnamon.

Wednesday, June 20
I had Eggo whole-wheat waffles with bananas on top, and turkey bacon.

For lunch I had a bowl of Kashi cereal, just because Im lazy.

I went to Highline for dinner. Its really trendy. I had some curry chicken. Their chicken is amazing. They have this pad Thai thats just insanity its so good. Its so rich, but its a smaller portion so you can eat the whole thing.

Tuesday, June 19
Theres a food truck outside of my studio I had egg whites from there, a piece of toast, and a Luna protein bar. I have protein bars as a dessert after every meal Im kind of addicted to that.

I ate lunch in the hair and makeup room. I ordered a vegetable fajita and guacamole from Rosa Mexicano. We all went in on it. Im addicted to peanut butter so I cant end my meal without a scoop of chunky peanut butter. Theres always a warm jar in the hair and makeup room they know how I like it.

For dinner I had a personal-pan pizza from Domino's and Tasti DLite. My boyfriend orders from Papa John's and Domino's all the time its a comfort thing from home. I almost think its sacrilege. Im like, "Why would you do that?"

Monday, June 18
I had a Greek yogurt with a nut granola from Fairway. I love that stuff.

For lunch I had a chopped salad with a create-your-own salad from Lennys. I had a low-fat muffin with that. I have a big sweet tooth.

For dinner I went to Patsys. Their white pizza with ricotta cheese is so good. And I had red-licorice pinwheels.

Sunday, June 17
I was in Los Angeles the Daytime Emmys were on Friday. We went to the Griddle Caf and had an egg-white omelette scramble and morning-size waffles with carrots and walnuts. Whenever I'm in L.A. I like to eat outside with my whole family.

Then I was on a flight I was in business class on United. They had really good food I had an open-face chicken sandwich with pesto and olive tapenade. I had a little Feta cheese. I had one of those Kellogg's Honey Nut Cheerios and milk bars.

When I got home, I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then I had a bowl of Crispex, my favorite cereal.

Saturday, June 16
For lunch I went to the Ivy with my boyfriend and a couple friends. Very trendy. I had a big chef salad and a mint tea. Then I went to Starbucks and had a reduced-fat pound cake with orange cream.

For dinner we went to California Pizza Kitchen and chicken lettuce wrap. And I had vegetable roll, which is totally Chinese, but I didnt want pizza.

Friday, June 15
I was trying not to eat before the Daytime Emmys, but I did anyway. I had a long day, so I needed my strength I didn't want to pass out in the 90-degree humidity. I ordered room service and had a bunch of egg whites and a mixed-fruit thing thats supposed to have good antioxidants. And a glass of skim milk.

Getting my hair and makeup done took about three hours, because we did extensions. I had some fruit and an almond-brownie Balance bar.

After the awards, I was so depressed that I didnt win that I ate a whole box of really shitty chocolates from the gift bag, and a whole bag of tortilla chips and a whole tin of chocolate-covered Altoids. Then we went to an after-ceremony dinner and I wasnt even hungry. I was going to throw up from all the chocolate!