Hearth’s New Wine Bar to Be a Very Low-key Affair

Word of Terroir, Hearth’s new spin-off wine bar, got out faster than owners Marco Canora and Paul Grieco wanted, but with the genie now out of the bottle, Canora tells us he’s ready to talk about it. “We wanted to keep it low-key, because we’re low-key guys,” he explains. The place is only 500 square feet, the chef says, and they don’t even plan to pipe in gas. There will be eight seats at the bar, a communal table with twelve to sixteen chairs, and a “very minimal” menu created by Canora, who with Grieco just recently opened Insieme in midtown.

The menu, he tells us, will feature “some marinated vegetables, some cured meats, and a ‘balls’ section: ricotta balls, bacala balls, rice balls, everything balls.” The main draw, though, will be Grieco’s wine list, which will range from “cheap, cheap” bottles to some very good ones, drawn from all over the world — not, as in so many wine bars, only traditional wine-growing areas in Europe and America. Don’t look for the place to open right away: The partners still have to go through the whole process of going in front of the ever-wary local-community board, getting a liquor license, and much else. But, Canora says hopefully, “there’s a chance it could open in the fall.”