DiFara Fans All at Sea; Gray Kunz Enters the Small-Plate Wars

Brooklyn held hostage, day four: DiFara fans reeling from this latest, pointless blow from the Department of Health. “It hurts. It’s the best pizza in my life, ever.” [NYT]

SliceNY uses the DiFara time-out to point out that, in recent months, the Saint of Avenue J has been burning his pizzas pretty badly around the edges. [SliceNY]

Gray Kunz’s new small-plates restaurant, Grayz, joins a growing number of such restaurants run by lesser beings. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

Now that Gordon Ramsay’s London Bar is becoming a sister to his London restaurant Maze, Maze is making its own sister place in London: a “New York style grill.” Our heads are spinning. [Caterersearch]
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Making a gyro at home turns out to be an almost impossible proposition. [Chow]

Gilt dessert chef David Carmichael decries the insidious influence of boredom on pastry chefs. [Stuff]

All bets are off on the new season of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, after sources inside the company caused the odds to change on the eventual winner. (Spoiler warning.) [Bodogbeat]