Del Posto’s Victory Brings Heritage Burger No Closer

When news came over the AP wire earlier today that Del Posto was free of its legal hassles at last, as a result of its landlord having sold the building, we checked in with Joe Bastianich, the restaurant’s co-owner with Mario Batali. Did this free up some plans that might have been put on hold? Such as, say, the ambitious Heritage Burger Bastianich told us about last year? “No, we’re still applying for nonprofit status,” the restaurateur said. “Until we get that, that project is dead in the water.” But, he reminded us, the new Spotted Pig sequel, to be called The Striped Marlin, is well on its way and “will be something like an English oyster bar meets a fine-dining restaurant.” And it will have a secure lease, too, which is always good.

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Del Posto restaurant remains open after acrid dispute [Newsday]