B Flat, Angel’s Share’s New Basement Boîte, Is Looking Sharp

Soon to be the site of a thousand first dates.Photo: Melissa Hom

A while back we reported that the founding bartenders of Angels Share were taking their mortars, pestles, and strainers to Tribeca. Now that B Flat has been open for a couple of weeks and weve put away pretty much every drink on the list (and all three sizes of ice cubes), were looking forward to forthcoming summer specialties such as Giant Steps (sake and wasabi-infused vodka!) and the Cannon Ball (pepper-infused vodka, yuzu pepper, and soy sauce!). If these sound ironically sweat-inducing, rest assured, another martini will include fresh watermelon juice, and the bar menu, created by a chef at Lan, includes refreshing small plates like seviche and clams in white-truffle oil. Furthermore, were told the upstairs space will soon be occupied by a Tokyo-style fusion restaurant, run by the bars Japanese business partner, that will likely offer Asian takes on pasta, pizza, tapas, and other dishes. Obviously Smith and Mills hopefuls would do well to make B Flat their plan B.

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B Flat menu