Amanda Hesser in Trouble Again; Room 4 Dessert to Reopen

Times Magazine food editor Amanda Hesser runs afoul (again) of the papers strict conflict-of-interest policy, this time by reviewing a book by someone who had blurbed one of hers. [Gawker]

Room 4 Dessert, currently closed, will be reopening in a week. [Eater]

The DeMarco family has a special message to the public about Di Faras imminent reopening. [Gothamist]

The New York Food Film Festival
kicks off Thursday at Water Taxi Beach with a screening of George Motzs Hamburger America. [Serious Eats]
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Grindhouse director Robert Rodriguez makes a mean egg taco. [Chow]

McDonalds hires six blogging moms to write about what they see behind-the-scenes at various McDonalds. [NRN]

Brown sugar: Not actually any better for you than white sugar. [NYT]