Absinthe Arrives in New York, and We Start Drinking It Immediately

Those eyes are painted on, right? Right?Photo: Everett Bogue

A while back we gave you the heads-up that wormwood absinthe was coming to town. We are giddy (read blotto from absinthe) to report that the green fairy has touched down at certain liquor stores. Lucid Absinthe has come in and is on the shelf, ready to go, is the good word, via e-mail, from LeNells. Yesterday we called our local hookup, Park Avenue Liquor Shop, and were told, We got twelve bottles in this morning. It just went like water. Luckily we were able to get our trembling hands on the last $65 bottle (relax, Deutsche Bankers the store is expecting six more today) and glub some of the stuff down at our desk (or desks? There are two of them now). Though its best diluted with water, we drank it straight (the buildings fire marshal wasnt having the fire-and-sugar thing), and we can tell you the slightly syrupy stuff tastes like a much-spicier, somewhat-woodier version of Pernod, with a killer sinus finish. And so Grub Street enters its blue period

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