Sam Talbot Has a Mystery Suitor; Marco Pierre White Is Still the Man

Sam Talbot bailed from Spitzer’s Corner because some powerful restaurateur made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and something big is in the offing. [NYP]

Marco Pierre White’s rags-to-riches memoir continues to inspire struggling cooks on both sides of the Atlantic. [Gothamist]
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A shocking new study reveals that — are you sitting down? — there are more bodegas and fast-food restaurants in Harlem than on the Upper East Side. [NYP]

Gordon Ramsay creates a big controversy by handing out horse burgers at a British racetrack for his new TV show; in retribution, PETA has a ton of horse manure delivered to his London restaurant. [NYP]

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Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey is the first rye to be legally manufactured in New York since Prohibition. [Coolhunting]