Phoood Returns to Guide Us Through the Dorito Wilderness

Michelin for the Milk Duds and Munchos set.
Michelin for the Milk Duds and Munchos set.haha

Any number of bloggers can opine on the merits of Soto’s uni, or Morandi’s veal. But we only know of one who can consitently turn out cogent criticism of junk food. Yes, it’s a happy day on Grub Street, because Phoood, one of our all-time favorite blogs, is back up and running.

The site, which is as serious as a gastric bypass and written without a hint of irony, stopped regular postings on November of 2005, and, except for a tantalizing post in August of last year, hasn’t been heard from since. But now it’s back on track: recent posts have analyzed Doritos Smokin’ Cheddar BBQ Tortilla Chips (“I’ve noticed that many of the Doritos varieties kind of have the same flavor. Smoking Cheddar BBQ has a flavor that is unique and really different from the others.”), Diet Coke Plus (“After the awful Mixed Berry 7UP Plus, I thought that I could never like a soda with added vitamins and minerals.”), and Tostitos Flour Tortilla Chips (“Compared to the restaurant chips, the Tostitos chips are heavier, darker (overcooked?) and have little flour tortilla flavor. They remind me of Cinnamon Crispas that used to be available at Taco Bell, without the cinnamon and sugar”). Now no one ever need wander high through the 7-11 aisles unguided again.