New Chef Brings Bangin’ Brunch and Killer Frog’s Legs to Park Slope

Consulting chef Jared King moved on from Alchemy shortly after its opening and was last seen in Florida, but fans of his Guinness pudding need not fret: Newly installed chef Paul Nanni is now whipping up Guinness pancakes for the Park Slope gastropubs new brunch, and according to Monsieur Chef, The brunch is bangin. Nanni, who cooked at Aquavit for two years before becoming the food stylist for Marcus Samuelssons show, Inner Chef, has created a new dinner menu, too, that includes buttermilk-fried frogs legs (I think theyre killer, he informs us). Although Alchemys publicity materials still describe it as a gastropub (despite Platts protests this week that the fad has spun out of control), dont say anything about that to the chef: I dont want it to be called that; were more of a tavern. Were not like the Spotted Pig. Sorry Park Slopers no drop-ins from the Jigga Hov anytime soon.

Alchemy menu

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