The Frying Pan Still Adrift in a Sea of Red Tape

It’s safe to say the Frying Pan isn’t opening on Pier 66 anytime soon.Photo: Melissa Hom
Last winter we reported that the Frying Pan had lost its lease and was moving three blocks uptown. The little party boat that could has indeed made the move to Pier 66 at 26th Street, and though at one point it was set to open June 1, a call to Angela Krevy, wife of owner Steve, reveals that lease negotiations with the Hudson River Park Trust are taking longer than expected. “You can’t fight City Hall,” Krevy quipped, “And you can’t speed it up, either.” But is this more than simply a matter of red tape?

When asked which points were holding up the agreement, Mrs. Krevy said, “Everything! It’s a tough lease.” No entertainment can be booked or opening date fixed until the deal is sealed, after which they’ll need to find a way to electrify the pier. So is there a chance the Pan, which is currently gated, will lose its precious party perch? Krevy assured us, “We’re not going anywhere. They’re going to have to drag us out of there.” With a tugboat, of course.

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